Karin Morris is an artist based in Fremantle.

Art is her way of making sense of the world by telling stories about places that have personal meanings. Karin has a continuing fascination with using paint to share these stories with others.

Karin is a landscape painter both of the natural and the built environment.

She primarily uses oil paints as her medium due to their luminosity and vibrancy. Karin is an expressive artist who evokes emotion through the use of bright, bold and often non-realistic colours.
The use of colours in this way allows an alternative reading of a painting. She is interested in how colour contributes to the overall dynamism of an artwork. By working on a theme and examining a subject in detail Karin is able to direct the viewer’s attention to otherwise unnoticed aspects. Karin has always been interested in learning new techniques and incorporating these into her work.

Over the years Karin has had several solo exhibitions and has been part of a number of group exhibitions. In 2017, she proudly graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Visual Culture from Curtin University. Karin’s art practice is a life-long commitment and she hopes to continue to develop her unique style.


2019 Finalist

Rockingham Art Award

2020 Finalist

Collie Art Award 2020

2021 Finalist

Rockingham Art Award