Karin Morris

Karin Morris is an artist based in Fremantle.

Art is her way of making sense of the world by telling stories about places that have personal meanings. Karin has a continuing fascination with using paint to share these stories with others.

Karin is a landscape painter both of the natural and the built environment

She primarily uses oil paints as her medium due to their luminosity and vibrancy. Karin is an expressive artist who evokes emotion through the use of bright, bold and often non-realistic colours.
The use of colours in this way allows an alternative reading of a painting. She is interested in how colour contributes to the overall dynamism of an artwork.

Upcoming Exhibition

Note: the exhibition continues till 6th February and the gallery hours are 10 - 4pm daily.

My Work

Bright and bold colours combined in interesting ways are celebrated in these expressive paintings.


2008 The George Celebrates Resident Artists Old Royal George Gallery East Fremantle

2010 Off The Wall Resident Artists PSAS Fremantle

2011 From the George to the Moores Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery Fremantle

2012 PSAS Resident Artists at Pakenham Street Art Space Fremantle

2012 Go Figure Monday Life Drawing Kidogo Arthouse Gallery Fremantle

2017 PS Upstairs Resident Artists PSAS Fremantle.

2020 Boundaries Destablising Wall Collective Old Customs House Fremantle

Solo Exhibitions

2008 Fremantle and Beyond Old Royal George Gallery East Fremantle

2014 Which Way? Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery Fremantle

2017 With Attitude PS Art Space- Upstairs Gallery Fremantle


2019 Finalist

Rockingham Art Award

2020 Finalist

Collie Art Award 2020

2021 Finalist

Rockingham Art Award